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Monday, November 8, 2010

Prerequisites For Transaction Monitoring

There are some essential components that need to be taken care of while selecting your website monitoring service. You will need to adopt the user’s perspective. The User’s experience depends on a number of elements, namely third party advertising, content distribution networks, content providers, ISPs, etc. which are part of the complex system.

The entire transaction needs to be monitored. This could include just submitting a request or including a much larger transaction of buying some merchandise. The user might go to many pages where he might perform a number of transactions. With just the knowledge of a failed transaction will not help, a root cause analysis will only bail you out.

By reducing the complexity and instilling credibility, the transaction monitoring solution should simplify IT tasks. Being user friendly is another necessity in crunch pressure situations. Monitoring solutions should not be too difficult to use. The solution needs to be accurate identifying problems quickly by providing detailed, end-to-end transaction information.

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