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Monday, December 30, 2013

The future: For everything an API

It’s becoming apparent already: Anything that consumes power is going to be connected in some way to the Internet. Cars, refrigerators, thermostats, TV, personal drones, you name it. There will be a way to connect with it, interact with it, and control it.

APIs are a powerful way to glean extra value from an enterprise’s data assets and digital resources, extending the reach of products and services, building the brand, and even generating revenue. It requires a thoughtful approach and commitment of resources to make it work.

“We call it the ‘Internetting space,’” says Kamenetska. “We’re really in a post-website era…Anything that you touch is going to become Internet-enabled, and the apps that are going to be there and the experience that you’re going to be having on those devices are really made possible by APIs.”

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Performance monitoring: There’s an API for that

While IT departments are quickly racing into the private API game with their own data, they’re also being transformed by the ability to consume a greater number of vendor services by API. For example, data access via API can help ensure competitive performance for websites and apps by providing timely access to actionable data, and the ability to quickly filter the noise from the meaningful numbers. Keynote offers APIs that enable clients to grab their data in real time in order to create the visualizations that best serve their operational data needs — including combining with data from other sources — and to leverage software tools to quickly surface potential performance issues. -

With our API, Keynote frees client data from our systems,” says Aaron Rudger, product marketing manager at Keynote Systems. “Operations groups need to implement their own analysis, and integrate multiple tools to do their job. All their data is more valuable if it can be leveraged together. The Keynote API lets them pull in their performance data to use however they need it.

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