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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monitoring Internal Applications with Cloud Application Perspective

With Cloud Application Perspective (CApP), Keynote can now be used to monitor internal and private applications just easily as one might monitor a public one. Since CApP is a customer installable monitoring agent, it can be easily deployed in branch offices, customer locations, and of course data centers to monitor internal private communications. Much of what the First Mile and API How To posts cover with respect to scripting and deploying measurements are equally applicable to internal applications.

An important detail when deciding to monitor internal applications is why. Well the obvious answer is that internal users are impacted by performance issues, which in turn influences their productivity and satisfaction. These are factors that a sophisticated IT operation should care about in the age of cloud computing and web applications. However, another reason is vendor selection and contract renewal. Monitoring services with Cloud Application Perspective provides a wealthy of good data that can be used to better choose among vendors, inform contract renewals, and in general keep them honest.

Here is the complete guide on Cloud Application Monitoring.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can the right mobile optimization trick be a treat for customers?

After a night of trick or treating on Halloween, all children will agree; there's always that one piece of candy in their bag that nobody wants. The treat may have been given with good intention but really ends up being sour grapes in a wrapper instead.

Online retailers have their own sets of tricks of the trade to better acquire and retain mobile customers. But sometimes, those treats can be sour grapes in a wrapper for the end user.

With increasing statistics showing the impatience of mobile customers (65 percent of mobile users prefer a sub-4 second download speed), previous holiday season was a critical test on mobile user patience and retail performance.

Implementing key best practices can help you prepare for the next holidays.

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