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Monday, May 27, 2013

Easy Way to Record Mobile Testing Scripts!

Keynote Systems -  global leader in Internet and mobile, cloud testing & monitoring. Recently announced new, advanced scripting tool – ScriptObjects.

With DeviceAnywhere ScriptObjects, users can create object-level scripts for native, web, and hybrid applications within a real-device testing environment. Coupled with DeviceAnywhere’s existing image and text UI-based scripting capabilities, DeviceAnywhere ScriptOjects enables you to use the best testing and verification technique for your use case, with one script that seamlessly works across devices.

Object-level scripting for mobile web content acts on individual web elements at the code level.  This means that you can record a script on one device, and play the exact same script back on another device regardless of the screen-size, manufacturer or operating system. Object-level scripting for native apps does the same thing for devices of the same platform while acting on native objects. Your scripts will be more resilient through UI changes, lowering maintenance costs.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Building a Mobile Automation Testing

Desktop-based testing it’s a no-brainer: Use object-based scripting to maximize reuse across platforms/browsers.

In today’s mobile world it really isn’t that easy. There are many different platforms, OS versions, form factors and carrier/manufacturer customizations. Multiply that by mobile web, native app, or some hybrid in-between and you’ve got yourself a healthy testing matrix. A daunting task for even the most skilled Automation Engineer.

In order to tackle this problem, an Automation Engineer cannot simply look at it from a “one size fits all” perspective to create a set of objects and re-use them across all combinations of platforms. For example, there are fundamental differences in how an app behaves on iOS and Android, even with something as basic as a “back button” has its quirks.

In order to truly make your mobile testing easy, TCE automation is the right solution for the job. The solution combines the convenience and efficiency of test automation with the accuracy of live mobile interactions to generate reliable, reportable and actionable results.

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