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Monday, May 27, 2013

Easy Way to Record Mobile Testing Scripts!

Keynote Systems -  global leader in Internet and mobile, cloud testing & monitoring. Recently announced new, advanced scripting tool – ScriptObjects.

With DeviceAnywhere ScriptObjects, users can create object-level scripts for native, web, and hybrid applications within a real-device testing environment. Coupled with DeviceAnywhere’s existing image and text UI-based scripting capabilities, DeviceAnywhere ScriptOjects enables you to use the best testing and verification technique for your use case, with one script that seamlessly works across devices.

Object-level scripting for mobile web content acts on individual web elements at the code level.  This means that you can record a script on one device, and play the exact same script back on another device regardless of the screen-size, manufacturer or operating system. Object-level scripting for native apps does the same thing for devices of the same platform while acting on native objects. Your scripts will be more resilient through UI changes, lowering maintenance costs.

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