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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dimensions Of Application Effectiveness

The Web continues to evolve to deliver new customer experiences and increased application utility. Web 2.0 technologies and design methods enable the creation of richer and more responsive interactions.

These technologies are more complex than the traditional ones. This complicates web performance management, imposing new requirements on web site performance monitoring and measurement tools. Measurement tools must recognize meaningful application milestones or markers that signal logical boundaries of interest for reporting, and subdivide the application’s response time accordingly.

To evaluate the success of any web application, we need to look at business performance metrics such as customer satisfaction, revenue and costs. The relative importance of these metrics may vary since they were created to serve the customers, members of the organization, or the employees. But the success of a web application needs to be judged on how effectively it achieves its goals. The conversion rate of a site mainly depends on four distinct needs: availability, responsiveness, clarity and Utility. These are your four dimensions of application effectiveness. 

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