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Monday, November 29, 2010

Importance Of Website Load Time

An average Web site takes 2– 3 seconds to load. According to Apdex.org, as the load time increases to 4–6 seconds, users start to get frustrated. The level of frustration and the probability of switching to another web site increases if the load time goes beyond 6 seconds. This is where web load testing comes into play and is a very important part of website monitoring.
Many sites do not directly generate revenue, unlike a retail site or travel site, but instead focus on customer service. Sites like credit card, banking, and insurance sites reduce costs, cross-sell products, and help increase customer loyalty by servicing customers online. Website transaction monitoring plays an important role here and is much needed. A poor experience directly translates into increased calls to the call center and a decrease in overall customer satisfaction.  

In the case of online trading sites, online performance is extremely critical. A delay of seconds carries the risk of huge trading losses, and an equally large litigation and regulatory risk. Not only does a technical issue (poor performance, outages, and errors) impact the direct customer or user, it can also have ripple effects.

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