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Monday, January 13, 2014

Turning Incredible Promise Into Credible Reality

New technology adoption is always a push-pull dance. Enterprises want the productivity and competitive advantage, but are understandably cautious until the risks are understood and performance proven. New technology vendors want to get out ahead of their competitors and gain preemptive market share quickly, sometimes before all the kinks are worked out. For both sides, it boils down to credibility.

Some SaaS vendors are proactively putting their performance stake in the ground and backing it up with guarantees. RightNow, a CRM application provider, starts giving money back to clients if up-time drops below 99.9 percent. Intacct, which offers financial management and accounting applications, offers a similar guarantee, and publishes their uptime stats right on their Web site.

Web performance monitoring helps you to protect your bottom line, but also to build your brand and build customer loyalty,” says Neeraja Rasmussen, Keynote senior marketing manager for Web Performance, about SaaS vendors. “You can guarantee that you can deliver a certain level of service. Verified third-party data with high levels of trust is a definite competitive advantage for SaaS providers.”

Such data is the heart of effective, enforceable SLAs. And in a nascent SaaS marketplace, solid SLAs are imperative for credibility.

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