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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Overview Of APIs And How They're Changing

Virtually anything you do online all day long — and virtually everything that makes the Internet in 2013 so convenient, helpful, portable, and smart — is made possible through the magic of APIs. Application Programming Interfaces enable all the devices on the Internet to access data and resources without the user having to actually visit the source.

It’s reasonable to say that APIs have totally made the online experience what it is today. They extend our Internet connection far beyond the browser to phones and tablets and every kind of connected device, to the point where one no longer thinks of being “online” — we’re just connected. And when you’re accessing the Internet the old-fashioned way, through a browser on a computer, APIs have transformed websites into data-driven, interactive, media-rich experiences.

Before long, everything we do, from driving our cars to managing our health and finances to entertaining ourselves to controlling every gadget, system and device in our lives, will be accomplished through the interaction of APIs.

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