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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Quick Checklist To Ensure Site Uptime When Switching Web Hosts

There comes a time in every website's life when it must grow up and leave behind the infrastructure that got it to where it is. As traffic scales up, site uptime and speed become paramount; Web hosting companies are compared, and finally it is time to move house, i.e. to switch Web hosting companies. Moving sites without a glitch is important, even critical, and with some experimentation, I hit upon a checklist that should help anyone plotting a move. Follow these steps and your site will remain up throughout the move and your site visitors and online business teams will thank the IT department for its forethought.

1. Move When the Traffic is Low.
2. Switch Your Email Profile at Both Web Hosting Companies.
3. Create a Mirror Site and Monitor It.
4. Copy and Import Your Zone File.
5. Setup a Virtual Host at the Destination Server.
6. Start Your DNS Move.
7. Monitor the Move Using Website Performance Monitors.
8. Setup Availability Alerts to Fire If Content is Missing.
9. Conduct a Traceroute Test from All Over the World.
10. Tweet and Enlist Your Customers.

And that's all folks! You can read Keynote Recent Blog Post detailing these 10 steps to ensure that your website remains up and running during any change to its infrastructure. Follow them, and mimize or eliminate all downtime.

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