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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Audience is Watching: Website Availability

A large entertainment media site needed to measure availability, performance and quality of their multimedia streams to ensure their customers were receiving a satisfactory experience.

Streaming is pervasive on news, media and entertainment Web sites. To ensure the quality, reliability and availability of streaming media, Keynote offers the industry’s leading monitoring solution.

Keynote Streaming Perspective™  provides the true picture of your audio and video stream delivery from connect time to rebuffer events. It provides the most effective early warning system to help you resolve media stream performance and availability issues in real-time. 

Keynote Application Perspective™  provides cost-effective website availability monitoring, as well as root cause analysis and diagnostics. Both services use Keynote’s global test and measurement network to represent end-user experience from locations around the world. Together, Streaming Perspective and Application Perspective allow you ensure your systems and content are performing at their very best.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Website Monitoring 101 - Part III

Features of a Good Website Monitoring Service 

This is the final part in the 'Website Monitoring 101' series in which we are going to talk about ‘website monitoring features’ to start looking at how you utilize this.

Advanced Website monitoring services are capable of carrying out multistep Website transactions. They also offer several capabilities through a Website monitoring dashboard to set up tasks in Website monitoring accounts. Website monitoring features include,

  • Complete monitoring and reporting for uptime and performance using user defined Web transactions
  • Real browser-based Website monitoring for the most accurate read on performance
  • Robust alerting mechanisms to deliver trouble notifications to multiple points
  • Complete monitoring to ensure that there are no faults within pages, including examination of referenced objects, SSL certificates, and page content
  • User-friendly transactional monitoring, with the ability to capture each business process
  • Geographically dispersed monitoring locations so that Websites and Web applications using different Internet backbones can be accessed
  • Root-cause analysis of problems when they occur
For maximum control over your site, Website monitoring must be transparent and the measurements it provides must be accurate. Keynote's efficient Website monitoring tools provide total visibility into the performance and functionality of your Website from an end user's perspective.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Website Monitoring 101 - Part II

This is the second part in the 'Website Monitoring 101' series in which we are going to move away from the basics of ‘website monitoring’ to start looking at how you utilize this.

If you have not done so, it is recommended you read over Website Monitoring 101 - Part I first.

Advantages of Website Monitoring
A Website that is frequently inaccessible is likely to destroy customer loyalty and lose business. Ensuring that all of the elements of a Website are functioning properly is critical to maximizing your company's Web investment. A good vendor offers several advantages:
  • 24x7 monitoring of all key areas of Website and Web applications
  • Quick and accurate notification of problem when it occurs notification
  • Web-based real-time reporting of historical data
  • Easy setup and immediate results, with no software or hardware to maintain
  • Multiple Internet location monitoring for a holistic view of end-to-end connectivity for geographically distributed users
  • An accurate view from the end-user perspective
And just in case you’re wondering what are the features of a good website monitoring services to stand as a big player in the industry, I will start to explain in the next section so that you have a better understanding of what is necessary to work with website monitoring services profitably.
In this part, we have moved beyond looking at the ‘advantages’ widely known aspects of successful website monitoring.

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