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Friday, July 6, 2012

What do AdSense, Friend Connect, and Tribal Fusion have in common?

AdSense, Friend Connect, and Tribal Fusion, all three of these services were demonstrated by Google researchers to impact Website performance by double-digit percentages.

They are not alone, of course, but representative of the kinds of things that can create bloat on a Website and degrade user experience.

Of course 1 person's bloat is another person's manna so the best thing to do is;
1) find out what 3rd party content is featured on your site and,
2) keep watch on how these 3rd party services are performing.

As Web operations teams well know, knowing is half the battle and in no case do you want to be caught flat-footed, without knowledge of what's happening on the Website you are responsible for.

Keynote(The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority) has made the job easy of tracking performance for 3rd party content easier for your Website. It's called Virtual Pages and it works just like the other Web performance monitoring services you've come to rely on from us.

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