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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mobile Monitoring & Analysis - Develop your own expertise in-house.

The first step in improving the user experience for mobile content, services, and applications begins with mobile monitoring and collecting the right mix of performance data. Once you’ve collected that data, the next step is to understand it and make the right decisions to improve your service quality. This is where the challenge lies. It requires time, resources, and expertise to analyze data and make actionable decisions. You can add headcount and develop your own expertise in-house. However, an outsourced solution is often more cost-effective and can instantly bring a broader base of knowledge right to your fingertips.

The mobile portal adapts the company’s standard portal to a form factor that works with mobile devices and can be accessed over various mobile carrier networks. When a user makes a request using a mobile device, the server automatically determines what device the request has come from and returns content that has been adapted to that device—for example by offering fewer graphics and text fitted to the mobile device’s smaller screen.

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