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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Evaluation of Web Site User Experience

User attitude is continually shaped throughout their interaction with a Web site. You want to collect as much attitude data as you can for various reasons, including: providing interpretation of ambiguous behavior, such as long dwell time that can indicate interest or confusion; monitoring general attitude trends over time that result from marketing efforts and repeated exposure to the site; gathering user feedback and suggestions that can trigger direct action or further research.

The process of capturing such data might interrupt the user experience and alter the user’s attitude, which could corrupt the data and reduce its value. So, the method used to collect attitude data must be non-invasive and be incorporated into the user’s experience at the site.

Automating user experience testing of any Web site is a difficult challenge at best, especially in light of the need to balance data quality and quantity: gathering rich data is essential to deriving meaning and understanding, and a sufficient quantity of data is essential to making findings valid and statistically significant.

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